Terms of service

1       GENERAL

These terms and conditions as follow below are valid when a consumer orders products at http://www.boyant-trousers.com. When a consumer orders products at the website, the consumer enters into a contract with the following company, which also is the company that provides this website:

Company name: Braccas AB

Organisation number: 559183-9757

Address: Västergatan 18B, 211 21, Malmö, Sweden.

Email: info@boyant-trousers.com

A consumer has to be a minimum of 18 years old to be allowed to purchase from the website. If the consumer hasn’t turned 18 yet, the guardian of the under aged has to confirm the conditions and the purchase.


The Consumer Sales Act (SE: Konsumentköplagen (1990:932)) is applicable to all consumer purchases at boyant-trousers.com. The act is non-optional in favour of the consumer. The act’s non-optional kind means that it’s not possible for Boyant Trousers to set forth conditions less beneficial for the consumer and means that the conditions below are at least as beneficial for the consumer as the act, or else more beneficial. If questions arise regarding the purchase and the following conditions below don’t regulate the question, we refer to the mentioned act above.

The Distance and Doorstep Act (SE: Lag (2005:59) om distansavtal och avtal utanför affärslokaler) is also applicable to purchases at boyant-trousers.com. If questions regarding the applicable of the act aren’t regulated below, we refer to the mentioned act.

If the conditions below contradict the two legislations mentioned above, or are less beneficial for the consumer, the two acts are valid instead of these conditions. What is said in the previous sentence also applies to other Swedish applicable legislation.

If the customer is shopping at Boyant Trousers in the exercise of his trade or profession, the Sale of Goods Act (SE: Köplag (1990:931)) is applicable. If questions arise regarding the purchase and the following conditions below don’t regulate the question, we refer to the mentioned act above.

If the customer is shopping at boyant-trousers.com from outside of Sweden, Swedish law is applicable according to article 6 and 3 No. 593/2008 of the European parliament and of the council of 17 June 2008 in the law applicable to contractual obligations (Rome I) on questions regarding these terms and conditions and if other questions are arisen.


3.1 Delivery method and delivery time

Please see under the link “Shipping policy” at this website.

3.2 Wrong delivery data

If the customer gives Boyant Trousers wrong delivery data the consumer has to contact Boyant Trousers without further delay. If the customers’ product(s) are already sent from Boyant Trousers while the customer contact Boyant Trousers about the wrong delivery information, the customer may be responsible for the return costs.

4      PAYMENT

By card

Boyant Trousers offers a safe payment method by card through Stripe as a third party. The consumer can pay via VISA, Mastercard and American Express. The consumer can pay by card at Boyant Trousers website in conjunction with the confirmation of the purchase. When the consumer confirms the transaction of money, the amount of money is drawn or a reservation of the amount is made on the consumers’ bank account.


Boyant Trousers offers all customers to pay by Pay Pal. For more information about Paypal, please visit https://www.paypal.com to learn more.


5.1           Three years of right to submit a claim

According to 23 § The Consumers Sales Act, the consumer has the right to submit a claim on a faulty item during a maximum of three years since the consumer received the product.

How to submit a claim described below, under paragraph 6.4.


6.1           Right to cancellation

According to the Distance and Doorstep Act, the consumer has a 14 day cancellation period, whatever the reason is. When the product(s) returns to Boyant Trousers the product(s) have to be unused and in mint condition.

6.2           The cancellation period

The cancellation period begins on the day after the consumer has received the product.

6.3           Option to return and it’s terms

Beyond the 14 days cancellation period, Boyant Trousers offers an option to return the item(s) for a period of 30 days. The product(s) have to be unused, in mint condition and in its intact original package with any attached documents for the right to exercise the option to return. If the product(s), after Boyant Trousers examination of them, are not in mint condition or if the products are used, Boyant Trousers may have the right to deduct an equitable amount corresponding to the depreciation.

6.4            No right of withdrawal on Made To Order Collection

According to the Distance and Doorstep Act, the right of withdrawal does not apply on items that are ordered with special instructions given by the consumer which gives the product its' consumers' personal touch and imprint. This clause is applicable on our Made To Order Collection, Atelier.

6.5            Size Guide Measurements

Please note that as our trousers ar hand-sewn, the length can vary from the measurements in the size guide by +/- 1 cm.

6.6           How to exercise the right to cancellation, option to return and submit a claim

To exercise the headlined rights and opportunities, the customer has to submit to Boyant Trousers one of the matters. The customer may do this by sending an e-mail to contact@boyant-trousers.com.   

The customer shall carefully inform Boyant Trousers which right it wants to exercise and receive us all the important information about the purchase, such as order identification number. Thereafter Boyant Trousers will contact the customer for further information, whether the customer will be refunded after the product(s) has returned or other solutions possible.

6.7           Refund

After the consumer has contacted Boyant Trousers regarding exercising the right to cancellation or the option to return, Boyant Trousers will refund the consumer promptly or within 30 days since Boyant Trousers got the products returned in its possession. Please note that the original shipping cost, if such is charged for your market, is not refundable.

Repayment, due to the option to return or right to cancellation, will be done to the bank account the money for the purchase was drawn from. If the customer wants the repayment to another bank account, the customer has to prove that the bank account belongs to him or her. 


Prices shown at boyant-trousers.com are including VAT. Boyant Trousers reserves itself for that failure may be done regarding the pricing of the product(s) which shall be seen as obvious failures compared to regular prices for similar products at the website. If a dispute arises due to fail pricing, Boyant Trousers applies 35 § The Consumers Sales Act about fair pricing.

Boyant Trousers reserve itself from price changes that occurs out of Boyant Trousers’ control, such as different price changes earlier in the production chain.

During certain periods Boyant Trousers has promotion campaigns or promotional codes of a certain value or percentage. These are valid during a certain period or a specific occasion, i.e. have a start and an end period during which the consumer is able to use them. Since the promotion campaign or the promotional

codes have expired, the consumer has no right to use them or get a discount. In conjunction with promotion campaigns and on the promotional codes there will be clearly shown the start and end periods.


Boyant Trousers reserves itself from product(s) that might run out of stock. If the stock volume at our website wrongly shows an incorrect availability, Boyant Trousers will contact the consumer as soon as possible after the disproportion is detected. While in contact with the consumer, further information will be given.


Boyant Trousers is not responsible for delays of deliveries which are caused by circumstances that are out of Boyant Trousers’ control, such as natural disasters, war, labour conflicts and other things that are seen as a force majeure situation.              


All images, videos or other intellectual property that are published at boyant-trousers.com are owned by Braccas AB or a hired licensor. All use of intellectual property at this website is impermissibly.


Boyant Trousers reserve itself from potential or eventual faults at the website, such as incorrect texting, images, videos or other materials or properties published at the website, which can relate to technical faults and problems. 


General questions regarding orderings, delivery, products, submit of claims or optional of 

return will be answered by our customer service. Please contact us at: 



In case of dispute, Swedish law is applicable according to Rome I and paragraph 2 above. 

Swedish court is therefore recommended if the consumer is situated in a country outside 

Sweden. To learn more, see articles 17–19 (EU) No 1215/2012 OF THE EUROPEAN 

PARLIAMENT AND OF THE COUNCIL of 12 December 2012 on jurisdiction and the

recognition and enforcement of judgments in civil and commercial matters.

Boyant Trousers follows the recommendations set forth by the National Board for Consumer Disputes (SE: Allmänna reklamationsnämnden, ARN). Please visit http://www.arn.se to learn more.  

Please contact us at contact@boyant-trousers.com if you have any further questions about our Terms & Conditions