Privacy policy



Braccas AB is responsible for the personal information given by our customers, according to GDPR and Swedish law. The personal information of our customers is necessary for Braccas AB’s duty to fulfill their part of the contract with the customers. What kind of information that will be stored are as follow:

- Name of the customer (first- and last name or company name): to identify the customer to send the right product to the right person.

- Email: to contact the customer and send special offers.

- Phone: To notify the customer about the delivery and to call the customer to give certain information if so is needed.

- Delivery address: for delivery which is vital information for the shipping company. This includes country, city, street address, house number and postal code.

Braccas AB will store the personal information as long as necessary to fulfill their duty of the contract. 

If the customer wants to know what information Braccas AB store regarding him or her, or if the customer want to delete all information Braccas AB store about him or her, please contact


To improve the experience for the customer visiting, Braccas AB may use cookies. Cookies provide Braccas AB with information such as number of visitors at the website, which products potential customers are looking for the most at etcetera. This helps Braccas AB to continuously improve the website and the customers experience. Braccas AB doesn’t store information without the users’ consent. Furthermore, cookies aren’t used to collect sensitive information about the user or the consumer and the information collected will not be sent to a third party.

If the consumer or the user won’t allow cookies it has to change settings in its browser. If the consumer shuts of cookies in its’ browser settings it may not be able to use the website fully. Allowing cookies is therefore recommended.

If the customer's browser settings are set to allow cookies, Braccas AB interprets it as a valid consent.

If you have any questions about the our Privacy Policy, please contact us at