Boyant is making tailored ready-to-wear and made-to-order trousers by combining traditional craftsmanship and reinvented designs. Designs made to outlive any aesthetic trends with timeless cuts, tailored details and versatility. 


By translating European tailored heritage into ready-to-wear trousers, Boyant embodies the modernisation of mens tailored trousers and elevates the style of today’s cosmopolitan man.


We are a Swedish-based company with a passion for the fine art of making tailored trousers. Our trousers are cut from the finest European fabrics, originating from spinners with rich legacies, and tailored in Portugal or our in-house atelier in Southern Sweden, where every fine detail is artfully crafted. Bringing these characteristics together, is what gives a pair of Boyant their unique character. 


As trouser makers, we strive to highlight the trouser as the iconic garment it is. Our ambition is that a pair of Boyant will be every man’s classic, elevating your style - from casual to formal. Each piece in our collection is made for the Cosmopolitan Man, seeking contemporary and well-fitted trousers in a world growing more casual by the minute.


Just as many wear that perfectly fitted shirt to frame the face, regrettably trousers often receive secondary priority. Nonetheless, they make up half of your overall appearance. We know that a well-designed and tailored trouser adds distinction to any outfit and as the iconic garment it is, it deserves to shine. Discover Boyant’s range of trousers that will elegantly complete your appearance, from the more contemporary First Cut to the Classic Cut.


Traditionally it’s been challenging for men to find trousers that offer the uncompromised fit and reliability in design you get from tailored trousers. Reliability and design that allows you to always have the same trousers to go back to over and over again, making the experience effortless. Boyant offers consistency in style and size, in seasonless fabrics, which will stand the test of time, build character, and continue to stay relevant for years to come.